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Category: Electric Fencing
  • Siren trigger times and frequency can be adjusted as required
  • Voltage outputs can be controlled to reduce or increase the output energy as required by the user 
  • High and low voltage modes to change the power output of the energizers and yet keep the alarming capability intact
  • Gate chime to notify if the gate has been opened and closed 
  • Bypass options for the siren, strobe and gate as required 
  • Siren times can be programmed to suit the different needs of the user
Category: HD Network Cameras
  • Dual Stream:1920x1080 locally and CIF remotely
  • Automatic/Manual focusing
  • 30x Optical Zoom
  • Data not losing when power off
  • 4 patrols; 64 preset points for each patrol
  • Video image stable and without shaking when rotating in high speed
  • Three ways to control stream: fixed, changeable and compound